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Unique Buddha Cross Stitch Pattern Modern PDF

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Even if you are not a religious person, I am 99% sure that you have at least once in your lifetime heard about Budha. There are plenty of symbols that his hand positions carry. For instance, the right hand resting on the left with palms facing upwards, the fingers extended and the tips of the thumbs touching to form a slightly flattened triangle represent the Three Jewels of Buddhism—the Buddha, his teachings, and the religious community, the praying hands Represents the Mudra of greeting, the universal greeting and gesture of respect throughout the Buddhist world. Formed by placing the palms together at the level of the heart, with the fingertips pointed upward. The multitude of colors on this cross-stitched pattern and the unique design will not only enrich your spirit and mind but also your skills and your inner creator!

Author: Ciocanu Corina
Company: Happy x craft
Fabric: Count 14
Grid Size: 134W x 134H
Design Area: 7,50" x 7,21" (105 x 101 stitches)

Pattern PDF includes:
- full-color chart
-symbol color chart
-symbol black and White chart
- list of thread colors
-instructions for beginners.

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