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Phoenix Bird Cross Stitch Pattern PDF Download

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I don’t know about you, but when I caught the Harry Potter trend, I definitely followed it to the very end, reading all of the books one after another, as they were simply breathtaking! And I remember vividly the specific moment when everything was quite bad in the plot and all of a sudden, a phoenix bird appeared and saved the day! With tears that can heal wounds and with a beauty that strikes and not the least: with the ability to rise from the ashes, it simply is a symbol of rebirth, hope, renewal, progress, the end of oppression, and eternity. It is no wonder that the beautiful bird has inspired many tales, poems, and even legends.  Many believe that with it, the phoenix brings a period of happiness and good fortune. so it is no wonder that I created this cross-stitched pattern, it simply reminds me of our inner wonder birds!

Author: Ciocanu Corina
Company: Happy x craft
Fabric: Count 14
Grid Size: 101W x 140H
Design Area: 5,36" x 9,07" (75 x 127 stitches)

Pattern PDF includes:
- full-color chart
-symbol color chart
-symbol black and White chart
- list of thread colors
-instructions for beginners.

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Customer Reviews

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I am absolutely captivated by the Phoenix Bird cross stitch pattern! This design truly ignites a sense of wonder and resilience within me. As I stitch each intricate detail, I feel a surge of determination and hope rise within my heart, much like the majestic Phoenix itself.

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